@pablo Completely biassed (live on South Island), but South Island, the West Coast, Catlins, Fjordland, Milford Sound, Doubtful Sound. Depending on their physical prowess, schedule a great walk. I think driving around at your own pace is a delightful way to experience the South Island, heaps to do and see that catches your eye along the way.

@alpinefolk Radio Paradise (radioparadise.com) is an amazing fill-in for diverse interesting music. Flick them $50 or so when you've listened to it for a few weeks straight like I do 🤣. May not fit your tastes, but they're worth a bit of a listen.

You really don't understand how much bullshit tech companies have conditioned us to put up with until you pick up a device from 20 or 30 years ago. The absence of all the bullshit on the old device really puts all your current ones into stark contrast.

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@jalefkowit The lack of any "stand-alone" mindset so-as to drag you into some kind of service contract is sadly THE WAY these days. Stemming from the inflated salaries and "movement" expectations of investors.
There are some tech industries that "live in the past" in some ways. The irony is we often get frustrated by this "ancient tech". MODBUS, IEEE-488 (GPIB), NMEA-2000 while not "shiny and new" they do provide incredible ecosystem interoperability which we should all aspire for more of.

Bootleggers became prominent distillers.

Graffiti artists receive mural commissions.

Hackers become security experts.

Remember kids, crime never pays.

@brianboyer you’re a maker and destroyer of ceramic pots! Love it!

What are some physical artifacts, which you cherish, of your work, hobbies, crafts & talents?

What I'm talking about:

I spent some time last week setting up the Ghost CMS. A great open souce Medium alternative. Also revisited my "Data Science Skills for Research" chart in my first blog post in a VERY long time:


RT bduckles: Enrolling now for my four week qual for quants course.

If you’d like to feel more confident about your ability to do interviews, run focus groups, create surveys and analyze qualitative data, I encourage you to join in!


@yoyehudi The Risks Digest would have heaps of these is you search around, not sure what terms tbh, but I know I've read this kind of thing there over the years. catless.ncl.ac.uk/Risks/

@lightweight Nice! It has been nice to see some of the popular hashtags in the relay network.

Hey @lightweight are you using a relay to feed hashtags and such to your users on your Mastodon instance? Since I set it up, it has been nice for discovery of things like popular hashtags across the fediverse. federation.stream/

RT paleofuture: If you invested $100 in Luna one month ago, the fourth most popular cryptocurrency at the time, you now have $0.04.

My mate is putting on an evening for Pasifika people who want to get into the *technical* side of IT.

If you know any Pasifika finishing high school, or looking for a career change, keen on tech and want to hang out, ask questions, eat food, get them to register here: lnkd.in/gPEv9hpH

Please boost so it reaches the right people, and if you see a post about it on Twitter, could you RT there? Thanks!

Paraphrasing, but this is what I just heard in a meeting, from the same person:

"We can't use open source because it's too much work."

"We cobbled together a bunch of proprietary services to create a complete workflow, but those tools weren't working, so we're switching to a monolithic proprietary service that doesn't provide the same functions, and we'll cobble other proprietary services on top of it to round it out."

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