7 things all kids need to hear

1 I love you

2 I'm proud of you

3 I'm sorry

4 I forgive you

5 I'm listening

6 RAID is not backup. Make offsite backups. Verify backup. Find out restore time. Otherwise, you got what we call Schrödinger backup

7 You've got what it takes

Listing tech items on marketplace, and several times now I've had shipping staff from cruise ships and container ships bid on things, asking if we can meet weeks in the future. Is there a global arbitrage in old tech going on here? I'm guessing this all happens in a rather gray area of import/export declarations.

@xurizaemon So wiggly! Was thinking of your idea when I did this 🤔

@stormdig You couldn't have asked the tornado to line up a better shot with the vanishing lines of the road. Wow! That debris ball and the whisps of topsoil going up 😳. Amazing shot, thanks for sharing.

Cooked some beautiful 10m contours around Ōtepoti. Not much but flat down there in the Taieri Plain.

Has to be one of my fave snaps of this year from MODIS, lots of cloud, but Aotearoa poking through all over as well. Never gets old to see these for me 😍

I recalled from my past that NFS no workie good over WAN. Experimental proof 😂

@dataknut I’ve taught librarians and stuff to use PRs and Markdown with roughly the following lesson. I just taught it to a group of digital gov folks. We focus on repos, pull requests and Markdown to give them some basic mental models. I’ve never really written it up beyond this short set of notes: pad.duckles.nz/ZOlK_zT5R46b930 you can watch me teaching it here youtu.be/xiZwd1v7zR0

@xurizaemon You always catch a typo just after you send those emails 😂

@AdamFonseca I got started with a one-click at DigitalOcean marketplace.digitalocean.com/a, but realized I wanted a bit more resources on the VM so learned how to do the Docker deployment and did that on a VPS at Contabo. If you have the domain already and are familiar with web concepts, web servers, it is pretty easy if you've managed other web services before.

I think much of my issue around the Content Warning culture on Mastodon, is the vocabulary. "Content Warning" has a very specific meaning in other contexts. Here, it is more like "Content Filter" or "Subject Line," to give readers a choice to expand or not.

This feels wrong, because of other contexts where majority folks have tried to express trauma or pain at even having to hear about the racism that impacted me. Feels very much like "Ban teaching civil rights, so white kids don't feel bad."

I am a harmless wandering anthropologist, bringing 20 hours of free #CausalInference and #BayesianStatistics instruction to your door. From foundations of inference through DAGs, #MultilevelModels & poststratified causal effects to #GaussianProcesses, Bayesian imputation & ODEs. Theatrical trailer below. Playlist: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDc

The Evolution Of Trust: a great interactive game on the emergence of sustainable #cooperation ncase.me/trust/


@lightweight @strypey @dznz There are somewhat confusingly two versions of TrueNAS CORE (based on FreeBSD) and SCALE (based on Debian). I have been using SCALE.

@lightweight @strypey @dznz TrueNAS would enable this. Have to check the deets but I think it could handle making the sync encrypted too. I’m kinda blown away with how much TrueNAS makes just work, and on top of ZFS to boot. It’s worth installing in a container just to poke at its interface. In bare metal it will run VMs and/or containers on the NAS as well.

@kiwidonkey it all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish and at what scale. If small scale, start at Digital Ocean or Vultr, if VPS will work, Contabo is a huge value. If you want all the buckets and queues and serverless stuff you may want GCP or AWS, but things like fly.io are compelling and worth considering. Again all depends on what you want to accomplish now and what your expected budget will be in the future.

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