Might be old news to mastodon admins, but you can limit the ever growing cache size with a

`tootctl media remove --days=90`

I was blown away how much disk my server with a handful of users was using before I found that.

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@jduckles How technically difficult is it to run a Mastodon server?

@wendyg if you know Docker it's not THAT difficult. I am paying for a cloud hosting VPS account with a lot of Disk 800GB, RAM 29GB and CPU (6 vcpus) (US $350/year) to make it go. Covering that among a few friends each paying $10/month.

@wendyg There are a lot of concepts though, Docker, SSH, Command Line, Firewalls, Ports, Git. I think it depends on if you've run a lot of web services of differing kinds, and have moved that know-how into the Docker realm over the past few years. If not, ymmv, as with all things :).

@jduckles Say it in of Samba configuration? (Samba and I fight regularly.)

@wendyg If you're doing SAMBA config from the config file, you'd be able to pull it off. This tutorial (although a few things are differnet now) has the gist of it.

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