Next week we're launching our first Oblique Conversation. We'll dive into futurism and futures thinking next week. Each month we'll have a surprising and thoughtful facilitated experience.
Register at:

We are playing with ideas like: biomimetic thinking, futures exploration, co-design, organizational transformations, restorative justice and more!

These are free, interactive, and full of new experiences.

All under our Code of Conduct.

We do these monthly to explore ideas and relate them to your experiences.

Our first one is NEXT WEEK Tuesday 8/9 (US/Europe) or Wednesday 8/10 (Oceana)

1pm Pacific Time (2nd Tuesday)
4pm Eastern Time (2nd Tuesday)
8pm UTC (2nd Tuesday)
8am New Zealand Time (2nd Wednesday)

Team mates on this are: \@Borhane_B_H
and \@bduckles!

We'd love to see you there!

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