@jalefkowit The lack of any "stand-alone" mindset so-as to drag you into some kind of service contract is sadly THE WAY these days. Stemming from the inflated salaries and "movement" expectations of investors.
There are some tech industries that "live in the past" in some ways. The irony is we often get frustrated by this "ancient tech". MODBUS, IEEE-488 (GPIB), NMEA-2000 while not "shiny and new" they do provide incredible ecosystem interoperability which we should all aspire for more of.

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@jduckles @jalefkowit not to mention that there will be no "using it again after 30 years, by putting in some fresh batteries" at all. As these services it interfaces with will long have been merged, adquiered, sold and sunset in the great profit seeking meat grinder...

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