When the wife and I start talking about enterprise software it’s: 1) nice to have a shared problem to discuss, 2) a history-repeating time warp for my brain and 3) just fucking depressing that nothing is better now than when I was 21.

I will be pleased and proud to see my friends and colleagues recognized for their excellent work. Congrats in advance, I’m super proud of ya!

But we don’t do this work for the recognition of our peers. Keep yer eyes on the ball!

Heaps of cilantro on the side, cuz the mom don’t like it

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Mother’s Day dinner: Pork + green garlic wontons, Singapore noodles, bok choi with garlic and black beans, and lamb with cumin.

The first fun thing we cancelled was seeing Patti Smith at the Kennedy Center. Two years + one still-unvaxxed kid later and she’s here, playing Austin City Limits. Ain’t gonna see that show either. :/

Dwaeji Bulgogi (Korean spicy grilled pork) has become a regular thing around here.

Way back in 1999, the late Donella Meadows wrote a wonderful essay "Leverage Points: Places to intervene in systesm". IMO this is a MUST READ for anyone who's tried to bring about change in complex systems or organizations. As a bit of a marketing tool for the paper and the 12 places mentioned in it, I've created a diagram of these 12 leverage points, 12 being the easiest to bring about, 1 (paradigms) being the most difficult to change. Essay: donellameadows.org/wp-content/


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